Painting: A Unique Way For People With Autism To Communicate?

By Henry Tyler, Parent Herald January 11, 04:00 am

Mimsy Sanderlin, an artist with autism in Arizona, recently revealed that art and self-expression are two very effective ways to communicate with people if one is not comfortable to do it by either talking or eye contact. According to the Arizona-based artist, she will exhibit an exquisite painting in the Merchant Street Art Gallery for Artists with Autism.

The exhibition is titled "Art of Faces" where Sanderlin will display her work expressing art as a way to communicate. Her painting called "Look at my Sound" has already garnered a lot of attention because it shows how people with autism can connect to other people, Daily Journal said.

The painting showed a woman with blindfolded eyes. It was the artist's way to exemplify how people with autism view the world. Since these individuals find it extremely hard to maintain eye contact, the painting was quite a true-to-life representation of their struggle. At the same time, it also revealed the various ways that people with autism can use to see and connect to the world.

As told by Research Autism, Sanderlin discussed her inability to look at people's faces or eyes while talking to them, explaining she has gradually adjusted to it and now uses painting and self-expression as a way to talk and express herself. She further elaborated that through painting, she allows others to see her real self with a tinge of artistry associated with it.

Always interested in arts and painting, Mimsy Sanderlin has been a traveling professional body piercer for the last seven years. After being diagnosed with both bipolar disorder and Asperger's syndrome, the artist started having insecurities, which lead her to find solace in art. 

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