Struggles Of Co-Parenting: Mother Rants Why It Sucks To Be A 'Part-Time' Mom

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald January 11, 04:00 am

Laura Fletcher is a 32-year-old mother who separated from her husband in 2013. Since then, the ex-couple have been co-parenting their daughter, Isla, who was only 3-years-old when their marriage broke up.

Fletcher unleashed a rant on social media expressing why it sucks to be a "part-time" mother. It was triggered by the fact that a friend told her she was "lucky" to be able to sleep-in and have extra time for herself when her daughter is at her father's.

"I don't think I'm lucky to have to miss half of my beautiful daughter's life," Fletcher wrote on Facebook. "I don't think I'm lucky to not get to have her, and celebrate her very existence, on her birthdays - if they happen to fall upon a day where she's with her father that year," she said.

Fletcher proceeded discussing how she's missing the little moments and special occasions just because it's not her turn to have her daughter with her. Even her daughter's grandparents are also missing out when they used to see Isla a lot during the first three years of her life.

Fletcher also ranted about having arguments with her ex regarding whose emergency contact details have to be written down on Isla's school records. They also have to provide the girl two sets of everything she needs since she's in two different homes as this helps avoids arguments and dramas.

"When Isla's not around you feel like you're missing your right arm - your purpose is gone - you're a part-time mom," she told Daily Mail. She hopes that by highlighting her struggles in co-parenting, then others would see that the situation is not a privilege. The fact is, she would rather be with her daughter than have the extra time for sleep-ins.

What Fletcher has detailed is a common sentiment among co-parenting individuals who have separated, according to Raising Children. Setting aside personal issues isn't always easy but the ex-couple have to make compromises for the child's best interest.

What do you think about the mom's rant? Do you sympathize with her? We'd love to read your thoughts in the comments!

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