Experts Predict These Parenting Trends Will Influence Child-Rearing Methods In 2017

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald January 11, 04:00 am

As trends go, parenting methods are always ever-evolving. Some concepts from the previous decades could return and become the next parenting trend and hot topic of debates. 

What potential parenting trends could influence parenting methods this year? Below are some of what experts have to say about it.

Free-range parenting will return in 2017, according to lifestyle expert Joanna Feely, via My Kent Family. Younger parents will slowly realize the fallout of being too protective of children that they will be more open to the idea of letting the kids explore.

In the '70s and '80s, parents allowed their kids to have adventures around the neighborhood. But as crime rates went up, parents also established more prohibitions on their children.

The expert believes that there's now an awareness of how this has robbed today's kids of pertinent life skills like critical thinking and the value of independence. Hence, she concludes that free-range parenting would be on trend again.

Feely also believes that parents will learn to ditch the constant use of technology in 2017. Digital devices might offer convenience and streamline many family interests but she predicts that many parents will be seeking more downtimes or close and personal contact, as well as unplanned and unstructured activities with their children.

Parents are also going to put less focus on trophies, awards and recognitions for their children this year, according to Austin 360, which asked opinions from a parenting community. More emphasis instead will be given to teaching kids to accept defeat or learn to deal with failures or setbacks in order to teach them resilience.

People embraced failed parenting anecdotes on social media in 2016. It reflected how much imperfect parenting happens even to the best of moms and dads, giving assurance to parents everywhere that not everyone always gets it together.

But parenting blogger Blair Koenig told The Daily Beast that even as the reaction to this is positive, it could become the next threat to parenting trends. "I think parents can champion 'common sense' parenting and still be insufferable," Koenig said. Imperfect parenting could become another hotly debatable topic in 2017.

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