8-Year-Old Boy Gets Away From Abductor After Kicking And Screaming; Authorities Now Looking For Oklahoma Man

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald January 11, 04:00 am

Authorities were on high alert after a surveillance video was released showing a man trying to abduct a child in Oklahoma but the child fought him off, leaving him unsuccessful in committing the crime. Authorities were still looking for the attacker, who is at large.

The boy was at a school wrestling competition when the man tried to kidnap him. As per the images released by the authorities, New York Daily News reported that the man was able to pick up the boy from the ground and started to walk away from the Oklahoma Stare Fairgrounds.

Fortunately, the unidentified eight-year-old boy started kicking and screaming, which made the abductor to put him down. The man simply walked away from the scene while the boy was left crying on the ground.

Another child was seen in the images looking at the man who tried to walk away with the eight-year-old boy. The man appeared from behind and picked up his target.

Oklahoma City Police said in a statement that they received a call of an attempted child abduction at State Fairgrounds. The incident took place on Friday.

In the images released on social media and other platforms, the man was seen wearing a vest, sweatpants and a black baseball hat. He was described as a heavy-set Native American or Hispanic and is around six-foot-tall, People reported.

There were no details available as to the witnesses who might have seen the man's face or who knew the identity of the man. The motive of the attempted abduction remained unclear or if the child was a student at the school where the wrestling competition took place. 

Meanwhile, anyone with information regarding the case is urged to call Crime Stoppers at (405) 235-7300 or they could leave a message at www.okcrimetips.com. A cash reward is set to be given to anyone who could give information about the whereabouts of the man.


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