Texas Murder Update: Woman Who Faked Pregnancy Then Killed Mother Who Just Gave Birth Claims Victim Agreed To Give Up Baby

By Chiara Leghler, Parent Herald November 23, 09:36 am

The Dallas woman accused of killing a mother who just gave birth then abducted the latter's baby said that the victim agreed to give up the baby but reneged later. Accordingly, the woman who is accused of murder faked her pregnancy.

The woman, identified as Yesenia Sesmas, said in an interview in Spanish that the victim, Laura Abarca-Nogueda, agreed that she would turn over her newborn daughter, Sophia Gomez. Sesmas, 34, admitted that she killed the victim but did not mean to. Accordingly, the gun she had went off accidentally, New York Daily News reported.

It was unclear if Abarca-Nogueda really wanted to give the baby up. Allegedly, Sesmas also deceived the victim that she is pregnant. The two have known each other years ago. The killing took place in Wichita.

Sesmas was tracked down at a home in Dallas, where three other people lived, including Sesmas' boyfriend, her niece and her son. She was arrested on Nov. 19 and Abarca-Nogueda was found dead on Nov. 17. It was believed that Sesmas' boyfriend, son, and niece did not know anything about the plans of Abarca-Nogueda, as per the results of the questioning.

The baby, who was only six days old when she went missing, was found at the home of Sesmas in Dallas. The infant was not harmed and was reunited with her family shortly after Sesmas was arrested.

According to ABC News, this is not the first run-in of Sesmas with the law. The publication said that Sesmas threatened another woman with a knife and tried to hold that woman's two daughters for ransom. Sesmas was reportedly arrested in July and the woman who she threatened, identified as Adriana Portillo, could not believe that her attacker was released from jail.

Portillo claims that she and Sesmas have been friends for years but knew her as Patricia Hernandez. Sesmas reportedly offered to give Portillo a TV and clothing when Sesmas was to transfer to Dallas. Portillo, her two daughter, and her unborn baby as she was eight months pregnant at that time, went to the basement of the home of Sesmas. However, things turned violent and that was when Portillo and her kids were threatened.

Kansas authorities are waiting for Sesmas to be extradited. She is set to face first-degree murder and kidnapping charges.

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