Exploring The Mediterranean Diet And How It Delays Brain Shrinkage Among Seniors

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald January 11, 10:17 pm

One of the biggest diet schemes, the Mediterranean diet was said to have more benefits other than just losing weight. A study surfaced where it was revealed that the low meat diet slows brain shrinkage among seniors.

The Mediterranean is a diet plan that is focused on consuming less meat and increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables. Known as one of the best diet options, a new study emerges, saying the diet is good for aging adults as it lowers the pace of brain shrinkage.

Los Angeles Times discussed the benefits of the diet on seniors, particularity those who are in their 70's. Though the diet aimed at fruit and vegetable consumption, it was added that people who are practicing the Mediterranean diet also consume nuts, healthy oils and legumes. They also have a low to moderate intake of red wine and fish.

The research done in regards to the Mediterranean diet and its correlation to brain shrinkage involves 562 Scots, who are all in their 70's. They were given a dietary questionnaire wherein the participants were asked about their food consumption.

"As we age, the brain shrinks and we lose brain cells which can affect learning and memory," study author Dr. Michelle Luciano, of the University of Edinburgh explained. "This study adds to the body of evidence that suggests the Mediterranean diet has a positive impact on brain health... and may be able to provide long-term protection to the brain."

Telegraph then added that more studies need to be done in terms of adopting the Mediterranean diet as part of the wellness program for seniors. In lieu of the positive impact of the study, Dr. Luciano mentioned that the diet can, in fact, keep the brain healthy. There is no assurance, however, that it can prevent dementia.

"While the evidence suggests a Mediterranean diet can help keep your brain healthy as you age, we can't yet say that it prevents dementia," Dr. Luciano added.

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