Conjoined Twins With One Body And Two Heads Die Days After Being Born In Mexico

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald January 12, 10:56 pm

A video showing conjoined twins born in Mexico made rounds online last week as they had two heads but shared only one body. However, the twins did not live long as reports say that they have recently passed away.

Fox 5 reported that the relatives of the baby boys posted a video on YouTube and it showed the conjoined twins crying. It seems that the twin babies were having difficulties in breathing as they had oxygen tubes up their noses. It was not clear if the parents knew they were having conjoined twins or if they were surprised to see the twins.

According to Daily Mirror, health officials said in a statement that the boys were in stable condition days after their birth. There were no other details offered regarding the reason for the death of the conjoined twins. The babies shared the same organs from the neck down so it was impossible for them to be separated by surgery even if they survived.

The director of clinic 35 at the Mexican Institute of Social Security of the state of Chihuahua, Jesus Urrutia, confirmed that he took care of the babies while they were in the hospital. He confirmed the death of the conjoined twins but said he would not give other comments regarding the matter.

Authorities were also questioned but they declined to give any information, saying they want to preserve the privacy of the family. They did say, however, that the mother is in good health.

Overall, conjoined twins are born rarely. Statistics say that the ratio of conjoined twins to other births is just one to 200,000. Conjoined twins are developed when a woman produces only one egg but it does not fully separate after being fertilized. The overall survival rate of conjoined twins is said to be only between five to 25 percent and that female conjoined twins have a better shot at survival than male twins.

Speaking of conjoined twins, just last year, another viral story about such kind of twins made rounds online. Anias and Jadon McDonald were born joined at the head. They underwent separation surgery in New York last year and the latest update about their health was published in December.

The McDonald twins are now at the Blythedale Children's Hospital, which is a facility where they will undergo months of rehabilitation such as physical and speech therapy. Do you know stories about conjoined twins? Let us know in the comments below!

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