Mom Speaks Up Against Judging Parents Of Children With ADHD, Calls For Empathy As 'It's Not A Behavioral Problem'

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald January 18, 04:00 am

Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are usually stereotyped as "naughty" kids that some adults think parents use their child's condition as an excuse to justify the behavior. But a mother is speaking out against this type of thinking by saying that ADHD is not a behavioral problem and that it's not about bad parenting at all.

Jodie Eaton wrote a piece on Huffington Post to call for more understanding about parents whose children have ADHD. The mom shared that she had her share of nasty comments from people who have judged her parenting skills and her child's behavior.

Eaton revealed that in all honesty she would rather have ADHD as a behavioral problem than a biological problem. "Because then at least I could change my parenting," she wrote. "But I simply cannot change my child's brain."

Countless of studies have shown that the condition is a brain-based disorder and the behavioral issues are its symptoms. In other words, ADHD is due to a difference in a person's genetic component. According to ADHD Awareness Month, poor parenting skills, bad diet and a problematic family environment do not cause ADHD.

It's also wrong to believe that children can "outgrow" ADHD as if it's a behavioral phase. The condition still exists when a child becomes an adult. The symptoms, however, could change, Additude Mag stated.

ADHD is managed through therapies as there is still no known drug that can completely cure the condition. Each child also manifests the symptoms differently, thus one type of therapy might work well for one child but not for the other.

Eaton went on to reiterate that people should be more understanding of families whose kids have ADHD. Their parents do not deliberately let their kids cause trouble or become disrespectful.

Raising a child with ADHD takes time, money, patience and commitment so the parents already have a lot to deal with. The nasty looks and whispers won't help their situation.

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