Reye’s Syndrome: Why Parents Are Warned About This Deadly Condition

There is an urgent need to warn parents about this rare condition called Reye's Syndrome. Children who just had chickenpox or the flu and those who were given aspirin while recovering from these illnesses can be in danger of getting the condition.

Children who are suffering from a disorder known as fatty acid oxidation are said to be the most at risk for Reye's Syndrome, especially when given aspirin while recovering from an illness. This health condition can lead to an anomalous situation where the blood sugar drops and the acidity and ammonia levels rise. The liver can also get affected as fatty deposits make it swell.

The initial symptoms of Reye's Syndrome among children two years old and below, and are recovering from a recent infection, include rapid breathing and diarrhea. Teens can experience persistent symptoms of vomiting and lethargy, as per Omaha. As the condition progresses, the child can suffer from hallucinations, paralysis, irrational behavior and lower consciousness levels.

Experts have not exactly identified the real cause of Reye's Syndrome, according to Healthline. They have established the relation between viral infection, the use of aspirin to treat the infection, and the condition. But it is not just aspirin that has been identified as the culprit as other medications that contain salicylates such as Pepto-Bismol and the topical medication oil of wintergreen have also been blamed.

Parents should be warned about giving their children aspirin and other products that contain salicylates, the National Reye's Syndrome Foundation noted. It is also imperative that they teach their children to read the labels of medication to check the ingredients. Children sometimes self-medicate by getting medications from the family's medicine cabinet or even from their friends. Since parents can't watch their kids at all times, it is important to make them aware of the risks of taking these medications.

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