International Students Ponder On Future In US Under Trump Administration; New Research Claims Dwindling Numbers Not Because Of New President

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald January 20, 04:00 am

A lot of international students have expressed their concerns over their future in the United States due to Donald Trump being the 54th president of the country. A new research, on the other hand, claims while these students are wondering about what their future in the country is under a new president, the dwindling number of international students started to occur even before he won his presidential bid.

Chicago Tribune reported the college application deadlines will continue until February and the admissions officials are wary over the number of international students who will continue to study in the United States. The decrease in the number of enrollees from other countries affected the revenue of universities and it could also affect the efforts to create diverse campuses.

For the 2015-2016 school year, a total of 897,000 international students enrolled in U.S. universities and that account for around five percent of all the college students. Due to these students, $36 billion were contributed to the U.S. economy.

One of those students is Kimberly Go, who is from the Philippines. She is currently a junior at the Northwestern University and said that because Trump expressed he wants to change immigration policies, it might affect her and other students from different countries who came to the country to study. The 20-year-old, who is studying economics and journalism, said Trump's presidency makes things uncertain and it makes her uncomfortable.

As per Times Higher Education, the presidency of Trump might be less attractive to many international students. That's why in the coming years, more students might no longer be choosing the U.S. as the country they would want to study in.

This also has something to do with the comments of Trump against Muslims and terrorists. More than 100,000 international students from Middle East are currently enrolled in the colleges in the U.S. and if he will push through with his visa regulation changes, it would also be a factor as to why the number of international students will decrease.

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