Parenting Twins As A Single Mom: Jennifer Lopez Admits She's No Superwoman, Credits 'Great Partners' Helping Her

Parenting twins is a handful and sailing through it as a single mother entails a lot of challenges. Hollywood star Jennifer Lopez, who is a single mom to 8-year-old twins Max and Emme, know the difficulties all too well. She acknowledges that she cannot do this by herself.

Lopez told Entertainment Tonight she raises her children around "great partners" who help her keep the fort together. These are the people who believe in her and understand that the twins are her priority.

"When you have kids it becomes not about you," the "Shades of Blue" star told the news outlet. "It becomes about them and what's going to make them happy and what's going to make them better, and what's going to be better for them."

Lopez is known for her solid work ethics in Hollywood. As a career-driven woman, it can be tough for her to juggle work while parenting twins as a single mother.

The actress, however, dished her secret on keeping her sanity. "I don't claim to be Superwoman and do it all by myself," Lopez told People. She also revealed that she tackles the challenges "one day at a time."

My view from 35,000 feet. No glam. No filter. No worries. #motherlove @jlo A photo posted by Elaine Goldsmith Thomas (@egt239) on Oct 11, 2016 at 7:05pm PDT

According to Mirror, Max and Emme are currently homeschooled so they are with JLo when she's traveling to other countries to perform. "The most important thing is that they're with their mom -- that they don't feel abandoned by a parent," the singer said.

The superstar is also aware that the lives of her children are not ordinary because of who she is and she has "come to terms" with the idea. But the mom evaluates that the twins are growing up as happy and well-adjusted children.

It also helps that Lopez has a good relationship with the father of the twins so that they can co-parent better. In fact, in a separate report on People, Lopez is said to be releasing a new album that was inspired by her children this year. Her ex-husband serves as her producer.

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