Digital Parenting: The Importance Of Learning The Texting Lingo Of Children

By alexa ancheta, Parent Herald January 23, 08:45 pm

The use of cellphones to send lewd text messages is prevalent these days. All parents shudder just thinking of the dangers their kids will face due to advancement in technology.

Young people are generally curious. Without proper guidance from their parents, they can be easily susceptible to the dangers of abusing the power of their cellphones.

Parents, however, are not always there to monitor what their children are doing. But there are ways to keep kids away from trouble if only parents admit that the threat posed by technology is real and take action. Schools should also take an active role in making students aware of important issues such as cyberbullying, extortion and harassment.

One way for parents to get in the technology loop of teenagers today is to know the texting codes they are using, according to Fox News. Kids use acronyms that serve as codes when texting. A parent who sees a child texting KPC should be wary because it means "Keep Parents Clueless."

Teenagers are not easy to understand these days when most of them are glued to the screens of their smartphones or similar gadgets, as per TIME. The terms they use when sending text messages can also be frustrating for parents. Bae in text lingo means before anyone else. When they say fam, it means family but not necessarily of blood relations because it could refer to a close friend.

Monitoring the online activities of children would be useless if the parents are not familiar with the acronyms or text lingo they are using, according to Very Well. It does not mean spying on one's kid all the time but keeping tabs on their activities on social media.

Understanding the online language of teens is just one step in ensuring online safety. But establishing rules on cellphone and online uses will show kids the parent is really concerned about their safety.

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