Islamic State Recruiting Naïve Children Through Social Media?

The news recently surfaced claiming the Islamic State (ISIS) militants are employing teenagers online by using "Headhunters." This was shared by the domestic intelligence agency of Germany, which stated the age of the recruits is less than 13.

Recently, Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution President Hans-Georg Maassen informed the Islamic State's new target was naïve, disillusioned youngsters who are easy to manipulate, to make them intrigued and persuade them into joining the radical group. "On social media networks there are practically headhunters who approach young people and get them interested in this (Islamist) ideology," Maassen stated, as RT News quoted. 

To support his claims, Maassen also gave examples of two cases where teenagers were found to work for IS and committed a terrorist activity. The first one was Safia S, aged 16. This German-Moroccan girl was accused last February when she stabbed a policeman at a Hanover train station.

The second example was about a 12-years-old German-Iraqi boy who tried to detonate two explosives in Ludwigshafen. The incident happened last December. Both the crimes were attempted on home soil, Teen Vogue stated.

Furthermore, the public displayed a great outrage directed towards the German police when they failed to properly deal with the Berlin Christmas market attacker. The fateful event unfolded as a man driving a truck hit shoppers and killed 12 people. Unfortunately, the police had falsely identified the wrong suspect as the attacker.

The president of the organization, Hans-Georg Maassen, is monitoring the work of the German authorities carefully now and is contented with their handling of the real attacker. The man, Anis Amri, was a Tunisian seeking asylum in Germany. The official authorities in Germany are now keeping a strict check over 548 Islamists in the country who can pose a potential threat to the safety of the public and the entire nation.

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