Women's March In Washington Also About Parenting; Here's What Moms & Dads Taught Their Kids

The Women's March that took place in Washington and other key cities all over the world last Saturday, Jan. 21, wasn't just about making voices heard and fighting for equal rights. It was also about parenting as several moms and dads marched with their kids. What did these parents teach their children?

Parents Brendan Smith and Sophie Bethune went to the Women's March with their sons Soren, 7, and Ewan, 4. According to The Washington Post, they wanted their boys to see how democracy works and learn how issues can affect the future.

Mom Ebony Washington was with her children Caleb, 10, and Lola, 8, because she wanted to show them what happens if people act and "speak for what's right." She believes that the Women's March can bring about more discussions that will educate her children about their responsibility to their community and the history of America.

Barrie Moorman and Julian Hipkins went with their 1-year-old. Nina might still be oblivious to what's happening around her but her parents, who are both teachers, brought her to the march because of hope. "We want her to grow up in a world where she knows she can do anything," Moorman said.

Leah McLaren, who has two young boys, wrote in The Globe and Mail she wanted her sons with her in the march to "indoctrinate my kids with progressive politics." It boils from the fact that her mother did the same to her when she was a child and it helped raise her consciousness about the issues of the world.

Three generations of women in the Schoen-Gigante family, on the other hand, went to the march as well. Mom Lindsay Schoen-Gigante, grandmother Charlotte Bennett Schoen and 9-year-old Capri Gigante walked hand-in-hand to speak for equal rights. "I want to grow up in a world that is fair to everybody," Capri said, according to New York Magazine.

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