Indianapolis Pro-Life Activists March To Pray For Unborn Children As Donald Trump Reinstates Fund Banning For International Abortion Groups

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald January 24, 04:21 am

Pro-life activists in Indiana took to the streets to protest against abortion in their annual march regarding the matter and this year, they prayed for the unborn children as they celebrated the 44th anniversary regarding the landmark case Roe v. Wade. Days after, Donald Trump, who was inaugurated on Jan. 20, reinstated the banning of funding to international health groups related to abortion.

The Indianapolis march was joined by the members of the Right to Life pro-life group as well as the Chicago-based Crusaders for Life. The march, which included a memorial service for aborted fetuses, took place on Sunday at the Indiana War Memorial.

Indiana has been a hotbed when it comes to abortion debate since March of last year after Governor Mike Pence signed a law, which would have made the state have some of the strictest restrictions regarding abortion. The law restricted abortions that would be terminated just because of fetal disability and gender. The law also required abortion centers to bury or cremate the remains of the unborn children.

The law, however, was blocked by a federal judge on grounds of unconstitutionality. Indy Star also reported despite the blocking of Pence's signed law, another lawmaker proposed a bill that will criminalize all forms of abortion.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump was reportedly reinstating the blocking of funds to international health organizations, The Washington Post reported the rule, which was first founded by the 40th United States President Ronald Reagan, was basically blocking the nation to aid foreign organizations that use the funds to perform or discuss abortion.

Trump's move, which came just two days after the Women's March in Washington, D.C. and in other parts of the country, was met with both criticism and praise. Democrats and pro-choice activist groups criticized Trump's decision while the move was praised by his fellow Republicans and pro-life activists.

Pro-life activists said Trump's action is a vital step to make America great again while the supporters of abortion believed the move violates the core belief in individual choice. What are your thoughts regarding this matter? Sound off below. 

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