What Kate Middleton Tells 4-Year-Old Girl When She Asks: 'What It's Like To Be A Princess?'

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald January 26, 04:31 am

A 4-year-old girl was not shy about asking Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William, what it's like to be a princess. The two had an encounter during the princess' visit to a family center in the East Anglia's Children's Hospices in Norfolk.

The little girl, Daisy Benton, has a fascination for princesses. So when the chance came to ask someone who lives as one in real-life, Daisy did what any child her age would love to know.

"Kate said she's very lucky that she's very well looked after by her husband," Daisy's mom Michala said, according to People. "She recognized us," the mother also remarked about Kate Middleton's visit.

This was not the first time the family has seen Kate Middleton up close. The Bentons have long benefited from the hospice center for the care of their 6-year-old daughter Isabella, Daisy's sister. The rest of the family -- dad Roger, and daughters Aimie, 9 and Molly, 2 -- were also present when Kate Middleton visited the center again.

According to Hello Magazine, Isabella has a neurological condition and experiences complex refractory epilepsy. She also has a global developmental delay.

Kate Middleton spent time with Isabella and her family. Michala said the princess "was happy to sit with Isabella" as they did arts and crafts.

Witnesses remarked how the princess approached the children at the hospice. Kate Middleton would sit or crouch so that she can talk to them on the eye level. "She didn't stand over them; she sat comfortably and had a good open body language," Jane Campbell, who works at the hospice, shared to People.

Sitting down to talk to the kids is an effective parenting trick because it makes them feel more important. They know that an adult is listening to whatever they have to say with earnestness. Prince William also does this often with their own kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, according to Good Housekeeping.

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