Lady Professor Is Against 'Feminizing' Education: All Students Need To Be Challenged

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald January 26, 04:29 am

British professor Michelle Simmons, who teaches quantum physics at the University of New South Wales in Australia, is speaking out against "feminizing" education. In her speech during an event observing Australia Day last Tuesday, Jan. 24, the lady professor pointed out schools that make science and math classes more appealing to female students can result in failure.

When Simmons refers to feminizing education, she means some schools substitute or replace courses and projects for the benefit of the girls. Institutions believe the changes can make a difference in attracting the interest of more students.

For Simmons, however, doing this will only contribute to the dumbing down of students who are interested in pursuing fields of science or math because they won't be challenged to try harder. The professor believes that because courses are "softened" for the sake of female students, then the schools are setting up these kids to fail when they eventually join the workforce or get assigned to important science and math jobs.

"If we want young people to be the best they can be - at anything - we must set the bar high and expect them to jump over it," Simmons said, Daily Telegraph reports. "My strong belief is that we need to be teaching all students - both girls and boys - to have high expectations of themselves."

The news comes as Australia's NSW Education Standards Authority has plans for a new HSC science curriculum next year. It will involve "practical investigations" as opposed to "sociology-based content," Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Meanwhile, Simmons has rounded up a team of students who will be building a quantum computer. She knows that it will be a tough challenge. "But that's what makes it worthwhile," she said. Read the professor's full speech via the Australia Day website.

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