New Jersey Parents Getting First-Ever Baby Boxes: What Is This And How To Avail? [DETAILS]

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald January 27, 04:00 am

New Jersey parents with newborns will be the first to get baby boxes in the U.S. Under the program, families will get a box filled with baby essentials good for use for the first few months with the box serving as the baby's bed.

But why should there be baby boxes and how would this help the parents and their babies? What is this baby box program all about and how can parents avail of it?

New Jersey's Child Fatality and Near Fatality Review Board has partnered with The Baby Box Company for the said initiative, ABC News reports. Newborn parents in the state will get the baby boxes after they complete a free online class on parenting, where moms and dads will learn about breastfeeding, baby care and safe practices.

Specifically, the baby box will contain items like onesies, baby wipes, diapers and nipple cream. The box also comes with a mattress that fits securely inside.

The program aims to help reduce cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which is the leading cause of death in babies. The program has its roots in Finland which distributed baby boxes since the 1930s and has resulted in low infant mortality rate in the European country, BBC reports.

Philly Voice reports around 105,000 baby boxes are expected to be given in New Jersey for this year and the program has kicked off Thursday, Jan. 26. Parents should register with Baby Box University to begin their free class and answer the quizzes. After that, they can either opt to pick up the box or have it delivered home - all at no cost.

Apart from New Jersey and Finland, Scotland has also launched its baby box program. A few hospitals in the U.K. have also come up with their own similar baby box schemes. In Alberta, Canada, the program is also in its testing phase.

Parents or those who want to give this as presents can also buy from online stores. Learn more about baby boxes in the video below.

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