Ivanka Trump Kids: Baby Theodore's First Crawl In White House Caught On Cam; Arabella's School Unhappy With Trump-Kushners?

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald January 28, 04:00 am

Ivanka Trump, husband Jared Kushner and their kids Arabella, 5, Joseph, 3 and Theodore, nine months, are slowly adjusting to life in Washington, D.C. after leaving New York. The family members are frequent visitors to the White House as the parents are working closely with President Donald Trump, Ivanka's dad.

On Thursday, Ivanka revealed to her Instagram followers that baby Theodore crawled for the very first time and it happened in the White House. She posted the video of the 9-month-old on Instagram, who can be seen scampering on the carpeted floor of the executive mansion.

Ivanka captions that the baby's milestone is one of the "many incredible milestones this past weekend." The young mom is alluding to the busy first week in the White House following the inauguration of her dad into office.

Meanwhile, Town And Country magazine reports Ivanka's eldest, Arabella, has started in her new school in Washington. The 5-year-old is reportedly attending the Jewish Primary Day School (JPDS) but spokesperson Richard Mintz won't confirm nor deny this.

The JPDS is a prestigious institution where kids of prominent Jewish families in Washington are enrolled. The school prides itself in teaching the children progressive education that is tolerant of many issues. It also has a strong science curriculum.

Parents of JPDS were abuzz, however, of the Trump-Kushner family joining their community because some are against Donald Trump's politics. There are concerns that Ivanka and Jared do not understand what the school teaches its students, which doesn't jive with the kind of politics they support.

"The rhetoric on immigrants and refugees is gravely concerning from a Jewish perspective," one parent said. "The school will continue to teach real science regardless of whose children and grandchildren are here," another parent chimed, citing President Trump's stance against climate change.

But Arabella has supposedly been warmly received by the school staff and her new classmates. "JPDS is truly a community school that welcomes families across the full spectrum of Jewish observance and political opinion," Mintz said.

According to Us Weekly, Ivanka and Jared moved their family into a $5.5 million dollar home in Kalorama. They will both be serving as advisers to President Trump as the latter has immense trust on the couple.

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