Activists Still Protesting Against Education Secretary Pick Betsy DeVos, What Are The Changes She Plans To Implement?

Activists are still protesting against the Education secretary nominee, Betsy DeVos. They believe she is not fit for the position. The possible changes that she plans in theTrump administration have also been recently revealed.

Huffington Post reported teachers from Fairfax County decided to make a move against the Trump administration and DeVos. They set up an event regarding a protest via Facebook and a few days after, 2,000 people said they will be going to the protest.

The protest was planned to take place in Washington last Sunday. "We are gathering as teachers, students, parents, and stakeholders in our society to oppose Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education,"  the event's description cited.

Many have opposed DeVos being the Secretary of Education but the protests against her increased in number after her confirmation hearing last week before the SenateAnother group called Credo Action put up an online petition against DeVos.

Credo Action is a progressive social change network and said they never had the same amount of response in the past compared to what they have now against DeVos. The petition, which claims DeVos is not qualified for the education department, received more than 1.4 million signatures and called on Senate Democrats to block the confirmation of DeVos.

Despite the opposition, many Republicans and Democrats support DeVos. She spent many years as an education activist supporting charter schools and voucher programs.

After Donald Trump announced DeVos is his pick for the Department of Education, many believed she would be destroying the public school system. She denied the issue saying she wants poor children to have educational options like those who have higher income.

Michigan Live reported about the possible changes DeVos will make when it comes to education. It is believed she will pursue early childhood education reforms, university laundry machines, student loan recovery service, school employee retirement benefits and digital books.

The senate is set to vote on DeVos this Tuesday. Democrats in the HELP committee claimed they will not be voting for her.

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