Every Mother Working Hard To Raise Her Children Deserves Her Own Oscar Award

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald February 02, 04:00 am

From the months of December to February, the entertainment industry holds its annual awards season. It culminates with the handing out of the Oscars, which is considered the most prestigious acting award-giving body in show business.

Understandably, many moms get a kick out of following and watching these celebrity honors. Inspired by the awards season, Jennie Dennehy of the Irish Mirror said she would love to hand out her version of the Oscars for moms, in recognition for their tireless efforts in raising a family.

Dennehy said moms deserve The Survival Award for getting through daily chores and tasks even with little sleep. She also thought moms deserve The Patience Award for dealing with 3-year-olds who are starting to gain independence, or The Perseverance Award for handling fussy eaters, or The Unashamed Awards for handling toddler tantrums with grace.

Dennehy believes moms deserve an award just for giving birth. Going into labor and having a baby is painful and overwhelming. "[Moms] deserve recognition for essentially performing a mini-miracle," Dennehy wrote.

Perhaps the closest mothers get publicly recognized like celebrities is during Mother's Day. Every second Sunday of May, children of all ages shower their moms with cards, flowers, cakes and gifts or make that precious phone call from overseas to express their love and appreciation. According to History, this tradition became officially recognized in the United States in 1914.

It shouldn't take a special occasion for mothers to be recognized, however, as every day is a chance to let moms know that they matter. For Christian believers, honoring moms, as well as dads, is in the 10 Commandments. The Bible includes many passages to remind believers about respecting moms.

"God blesses our homes when we respect our mothers with words, attitudes, and actions," according to In Touch Ministries. What are your thoughts about honoring and celebrating motherhood? Tell us your story in the comments section below!

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