Flowchart Parenting: Searching For The Best Methods To Raise Children

By alexa ancheta, Parent Herald February 04, 03:10 pm

Some people believe that parenting is as easy as following a flowchart which comes complete with instructions on how to raise children. The chart contains different scenarios like children having a meltdown, and what to do in case it happens. Then at the end, the chart instructs parents to just enjoy parenthood.

The life of a parent would be so easy if parenting comes with manuals and instructions. Unfortunately, children are human beings and they are just as complex as adults. And because of that, it is almost impossible to control them following a mere flowchart.

Each child is unique, with different personalities, strengths and weaknesses, according to Huffington Post. They also respond to various situations differently. It usually takes a lifetime for parents to be able to understand their children, but the lucky few are able to master the games that young children play. Some parents know their children too well and are able to exercise just the right mix of gentleness and strictness.

Children have their own ways of expressing their feelings but when they refuse to toe the line, then discipline should come in, as per Good Days With Kids. Some parents, however, equate discipline with punishment, not knowing that there is much more to discipline than being a penalty for bad behavior. When parents discipline their kids, they are teaching them lessons that will help them develop proper behavior.

There is a movement now that encourages parents to apply gentle parenting, according to The Conversation. Instead of using rewards and punishment as strategies for good behavior, parents now teach their kids to behave properly because it is the right thing to do. By encouraging kids to do what is right, parents instill discipline and help their children develop a moral compass that will help them become better adults later on.

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