Is ADHD A Scam? Exposing A Misinformation Campaign For Profit

A study on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) alleged there's a misinformation and conspiracy surrounding the medical condition. If the findings of researcher Martin Whitely are correct, then patients with ADHD could be taking in more stimulants than necessary for what appears to be a misdiagnosed condition.

Whitely has been espousing this argument for years. He stated, via the Medical Journal of Australia, the disorder is a mere industry concoction to medically justify normal behavior exibited by kids wanting in discipline or even love. On the contrary, the Wester Australian Department of Health would like people to believe there is an under-utilization of stimulants for the disorder, suggesting doctors and big pharmacies are in cahoots for profits.

Parents of children with ADHD have criticized Whitely's conclusion as he has undermined the medical basis for the disorder, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. These parents also questioned the legitimacy of his claims considering these are widely accepted by affiliates of the Church of Scientology. As it is, parents are already agonizing over the decision to give medicines to their kids after being diagnosed with the disorder.

Those suffering from ADHD have often been portrayed as ill-mannered or out of control kids.The challenge for parents are those kids who struggle but fail to control their symptoms. There is more to this condition than meets the eye and parents are urging experts to do more research to get a better understanding of ADHD.

ADHD is characterized by behaviors that tend to be misunderstood including impulsiveness, hyperactiveness and inattentiveness, according to NHS. Children with the disorder can already exhibit the symptoms at a very young age but actual diagnoses is made when the child starts schooling.

The disorder is called attention deficit disorder when the kid mostly exhibit inattentiveness but not the other symptoms. Kids who have difficulty focusing, or unable to keep calm, or sit still for a longer period, or show excessive talking or physical movement may be exhibiting ADHD symptoms.

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