Can Breast Milk Supply Increase If Moms Eat Specific Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream?

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald February 09, 04:00 am

Is there truth to claims that a specific Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor can help increase breast milk supply? A certain ingredient in the dessert treat called the galactagogue might be responsible for it.

Romper reports Ben and Jerry's Oat of This Swirled flavor has high amounts of oats, which is supposed to be rich in galactagogue. Apparently, eating a bowl of the ice cream flavor could trigger more hormones that can help breastfeeding moms lactate, thus she could increase her breast milk production.

The American Pregnancy Association does affirm that galactagogues can help with increasing breast milk supply. It's mostly found in herbal medications and fenugreek and alfalfa are some of the most common galactagogue.

This doesn't confirm, however, the specific Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor is perfect for increasing breast milk supply. A quick check at the company's official page for Oat of This Swirled flavor shows that the oats are contained in the cinnamon cookies, which means moms are likely to intake only a small and insignificant portion of galactagogue-rich ingredients when eating the ice cream.

Red Book Magazine notes that the original claim is misinformed. The site suggested that instead of breastfeeding moms rushing to the ice cream section at the grocery store, they might as well buy actual oats or oatmeal instead to help with their breast milk supply.

According to Mayo Clinic, there are many factors for why moms aren't producing enough breast milk supply. If the mom is taking other medications, or has high blood pressure, or has unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol or smoking, then it's likely she will struggle with producing breast milk.

Lactation experts said via Pregnancy and Newborn that supply can be improved if there is a demand, so moms are advised to breastfeed as regularly as possible. Moms are also advised to increase fluid intake and get a good sleep.

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