Mediterranean Diet Reduces Children's Risk Of Developing ADHD, Study Says

University of Barcelona researchers found out that children who stick to the Mediterranean diet have a reduced risk of being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This is contrary to their findings that children with high sugar consumption have a higher ADHD prevalence.

A study published in the Pediatrics journal showed the link between diet and the disorder. They observed the diet of 120 children respondents with 60 people serving as a control group, while the other 60 diagnosed with the disorder. The researchers, however, said they need more basis to establish the causal relationship between ADHD and poor nutrition.

Research shows that children who did not follow the Mediterranean diet were more prone to being diagnosed with the disorder compared to those who followed the said diet, according to Psych Central. The link between the two factors is still unknown. Studies, however, show that unbalanced patterns in one's diet can lead to deficiencies in some nutrients that are linked with ADHD.

"Our main recommendation is that clinicians focus on diet not with the expectation of dietary changes improving behavior but with the concern that children with ADHD are more likely to be eating unhealthy diets," study authors concluded, Medical Today reported."This component should, therefore, be part of the evaluation to improve their health."

The Mediterranean diet follows the intake of fresh food like fish, fruit and vegetables, as per Additude. Doctors said a fast food diet filled with processed food will most likely lead to the development of ADHD. The study also showed that children diagnosed with the disorder have a tendency to skip eating breakfast, making them more prone to poor choice of food.

ADHD is one of the most common disorders among children but its effects can linger when they become teens and even adults, according to Science Daily. A person who suffers from the disorder can exhibit several symptoms including impulsiveness and hyperactivity. Doctors usually address the disorder with a combination of pharmacological and psychological treatments.

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