Valentine's Day For Kids: Craft Suggestions For Gifts And Tokens To Give To Friends Or Teachers

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald February 10, 04:00 am

It's time to get crafty and creative as kids prepare for Valentine's Day. Since they cannot spend a lot of money for gifts for loved-ones, friends and teachers, the best way to express their love, admiration and appreciation is to prepare DIY gifts.

This weekend is a good time for parents to help the kids create their gifts in time for Feb. 14. Aim to make this activity a bonding moment as well and prepare the necessary materials ahead of time.

As for the choices, Today suggested a few crafty gifts to DIY such as making Valentine's bookmarks, pop-up cards and heart-shaped crayons. Follow instructions carefully and supervise the children as the creative process involve heated and sharp items.

For older kids who can work with their hands better, Democrat and Chronicle suggested making magnets with Popsicle sticks, flowers out of Q-Tips and Styrofoam balls, or a heart necklace using construction paper and yarn. Parade also suggested other crafty gifts such as a hand-stitched envelope, a unique heart-shaker card and a wooly Valentine card.

If the children are inclined to prepare snacks or treats for their friends or teachers, parents should go for healthy varieties. How about preparing peanut butter and jelly Valentines with cookie cutters? WOTV 4 Women  has the recipe and a few other healthy suggestions.

Parents should remember the DIY gifts they make with the kids do not have to be perfectly executed. Perfection is only a bonus, so parents shouldn't stress over this. What's important is the children are able to create memories with their parents about doing Valentine's Day crafts. Years later, they might have no memory of the gifts they have created, but they will remember the moments they made this with their parents.

Are you planning to make DIY Valentine's Day gifts with your kids? Do you have any suggestion and tips for other parents? We'd love to hear your ideas in the comments!

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