Children’s Role Model: Nickelodeon’s Biracial Princess Nella Gets Thumbs Up

By alexa ancheta, Parent Herald February 15, 11:37 pm

Nickelodeon's newest princess got a vote of confidence from parents and advocates all over the world because of what she represents. Princess Nella is not only pretty like most princesses are, but she is also courageous. This should encourage children to dream and to believe they can be whoever they want to be.

Contrary to the traditional dainty and mild-mannered princesses who wear long gowns, Nickelodeon's Princess Nella is garbed in an armor complete with a sword. This makes her character unique and fit for the modern woman.

"There are a lot of princesses out there and we had to think about what would make a Nickelodeon princess unique," Nina Hahn, the Nickelodeon senior vice president of international production and development said in the press release. "What became crystal clear to us in the development process is that Nella didn't have to be a princess or a knight - she could be both," she added.

Princess Nella's character would appeal to girls who adore princesses but who also love playing with Hotwheels cars and Nerf guns, according to Scary Mommy. Girls who love adventures would truly love Princess Nella as she does not only wear a tiara well, but she also rides a horse and fights dragons to fight the world's injustice.

At this time when racial discrimination is high, Nella's biracial parenthood should provide an impetus for a better understanding of unity in diversity. But more than the high and mighty socio-political impact of this new character, this is definitely a declaration of war between Nickelodeon and Disney Channel, as per New York Times.

For quite some time, Nickelodeon has left the almost $5.5 Billion princess business to rival Disney. Nella the Princess Knight's introduction to society signals the company's entry into more feminine and lucrative business.

The decision to launch Princess Nella came as a result of research showing that 17 percent of under-12 children are already biracial and this is expected to increase by 2020, according to the Huffington Post. Nella, the Princess Knight, is spunky, brave and even political. Nickelodeon hopes the new princess will be appealing to all genders.

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