Boy Doll: American Girl Veers Away From An All-Girl Doll Collection, Introduces Logan Everett

By alexa ancheta, Parent Herald February 17, 04:00 am

Popular doll company American Girl is sticking to its diverse doll collection this year by releasing its first ever boy doll. This year's doll collection will also be larger than the previous years.

The American Girl dolls set to be released are Nashville, Tennessee singer and songwriter Tenney Grant, along with the much-anticipated boy doll named Logan Everett. The company's public relations director Julie Parks said Logan is an offshoot of customer feedbacks indicating they wanted more diverse and interesting doll characters.

Parks said this year would be the perfect time to introduce all 18 inches of their boy doll that comes with a dynamic personality, according to Huffington Post. "Adding a boy to our lineup has been a number one request for a very, very, very long time," Parks said.

The company is known for producing dolls that are not only adorable but with interesting stories too, as per Babble. Each of these dolls come from different places and different worlds and all of them are girls.

The company previously released Gabriella McBride who enjoyed the tag as "Girl of the Year". She may not speak so well with her stutter, but this doll has powerful communication skills through spoken poetry. Logan's entry, however, is expected to shatter the stereotype that only girls play with dolls.

The doll maker has indeed come a long way from 1986 when it first launched its catalog, according to American Girl. Through a variety of products from dolls to books and other items that made girls tick, American Doll has become a trusted brand and has earned a loyal customer base consisting of children and parents.

American Girl, a Mattel subsidiary, has recently partnered with Chinese company Alibaba. This partnership is expected to increase the company's doll sales as these will also be made available online. Sales from the boy doll Logan may not matter much, income-wise, but it will definitely improve the company's reputation and reach.

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