Man Allegedly Responsible For 2005 Beheading In Brooklyn Claims Innocence, Reasons He Cannot Even Dissect A Frog

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald February 24, 04:00 am

A man claimed innocence in court on Wednesday regarding the cold case of another man who was beheaded in Brooklyn in 2005. He claimed he was innocent because he could not even dissect a frog and that he was being framed by someone else.

That man, identified as Kwauhuru Govan, was also charged last year in the death of a teenage girl in 2004. The 38-year-old's most recent charges, however, are in connection to the death of a 19-year-old man named Rashawn Brazell of Bushwick.

The dismembered body parts of Brazell were discovered all over a subway tunnel and at a recycling plant in Brooklyn in 2005 but his head was never found. Brazell died of asphyxia and neck compression, CBS News reported.

During the appearance in court to hear his charges, Govan stood up many times and screamed. He said he has a right to stand up and tell the judge he is innocent. He refused to be fingerprinted and his defense attorney said his client thinks he is being framed.

The mother of Brazell, Desire, said it has been 12 years since they have been looking for answers. She thanked the detectives, the agency and the whole cold case unit for helping their family.

More on the death of the teenage girl, Govan was indicted in the murder and kidnapping of a 17-year-old named Sharabia Thomas. Her body was found inside two laundry bags in an alley after she left her home. She was tied up and strangled. The DNA found under the teen's fingernails matched that of Govan.

It is believed a DNA link in the Brazell case was also found and the crime points to Govan. New York Police Department Chief Robert Boyce, however, has yet to confirm this detail. New York Daily News reported Govan might be a serial killer and they are investigating if he is linked to other crimes.

Govan is being held without bail. A judge ordered him to appear in court every day until he agrees to be fingerprinted. That is the only time Govan will be arraigned. 

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