Pregnancy Signs And Complications: These Red Flags Require A Call Or Visit To The Doctor

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald February 27, 04:00 am

Some pregnancy signs and complications warrant a call or visit to the doctor. Certain red flags shouldn't be ignored because it can matter to the life and health of the mom and the baby in her womb.

It's normal for pregnant moms, especially those experiencing this miracle for the first time, to have fears and worries about the changes in their bodies. Doctors understand this all too well but some 23 percent of women still hesitate to contact their OB/GYN or midwife for fear that they could be regarded as a nuisance, according to Fox News.

So, what pregnancy signs and complications demand immediate attention from the doctor? Below are a few red flags to watch out for.

Medical attention is necessary any time a woman bleeds during their pregnancy. Whether it's a few spots, blood in the urine or heavy bleeding, giving the doctor a call within 24 hours is recommended.

In some cases, bleeding is a sign of miscarriage or a pregnancy complication like placenta previa. In other cases, it could only be an indicator of the body's hormones adjusting to the changes. A quick phone call to the doctor should help with peace of mind.

If a pregnant woman experiences abdominal pain or cramp that doesn't subside, it's also a good idea to phone in. In late term pregnancies, this symptom could indicate premature labor. It might also be indicative of complications like kidney problems, which might require treatment, or placental abruption, which require careful monitoring and management.

Fever during pregnancy is not normal, according to Health Line. It could be an indication of infection or other underlying conditions like dehydration. Call the doctor for suggested medications but for high fever above 101.5 F and accompanied by chills or body pains, it might be necessary to undergo diagnostic tests to address the real issues.

Physical changes like sudden swelling, puffiness, vision changes and weight drop or increase also need a checkup with the doctor as these are also indicators of a complication in the pregnancy. Baby Center advises moms to trust their instincts and if something doesn't feel right, no matter how minor it is, calling the doctor is always a good decision.

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