Mom Vs. Dad: How Parental Alienation Is Erasing The Concept Of Family

By Charlize Walters, Parent Herald March 02, 02:43 pm

Parental alienation has been recognized by family rights advocates and parenting experts as a psychological and emotional manipulation of a child. The increasing phenomenon is believed to have devastating consequences such as destroying a loving relationship of parent to a child.

According to the latest reports, the impact of a parent's fallout in parental alienation is targeting the most innocent individual in a family unit - the child. The Good Men Project reported that as the child started to feel irrational anger, fear and even disrespect a family member lead to the deteriorating relationships and bonds, which could eventually result to erasing the family unit altogether.

The phenomenon, which often comes after a bitter divorce or custody battle, has already destroyed so many families who lost the communication, visitations and the opportunity to be a part of a child's life. That is why a public service announcement that centered on the impact of parental alienation was recently released.

In addition, an upcoming documentary film, "Erasing Family," is also launched to encourage young adults to reunite families who became victims of the tragic reality of parental alienation. Joining the millions of parents who have been erased by the family court system following a divorce or separation is "Real Housewives of Orange County" star Tamra Judge.

Judge revealed her realization about the immensity of the issue and how many moms, dads and children have suffered these ordeals. The reality star said she is willing to help other families and raise awareness about the psychological and emotional manipulation brought by alienation.

"I am determined to help other families who are going through this, it is important to know that you are not alone," Judge said, as per Huffington Post. "Children are taught to hate, love your children more than you hate your ex. Children deserve to have both parents in their life."

The documentary film, "Erasing Family," was a sequel to "Erasing Dad" that was directed by documentary filmmaker Ginger Gentile. Since Gentile did not want any more children to suffer from their parent's divorce as she did, the upcoming documentary will concentrate on the distressing effect when parental alienation is destroying the family bonds.

Gentile also hopes to promote family court reforms and increase awareness on the traumatic impact of court-ordered family separations, which have been proven to have negative health outcomes on children. Aside from Gentile, clinical psychologist and parental alienation expert Dr. Craig Childress and Parental Alienation Awareness Organization USA co-founder Wendy Percy have also made efforts to raise awareness on parental alienation.

"Just because the child says she doesn't want to see them, or the other parent makes an accusation, the courts quickly erase a parent, thus robbing them of their identities," Gentile said. "Resources should be spent on healing - not prolonging - family conflict."

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