'Moonlight' Child Actors Back To School Like Regular Kids After Best Picture Oscar Win

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald March 05, 04:00 am

After an unforgettable win for Best Picture at the recent Oscars, the child actors of the movie "Moonlight" have gone back to school like regular kids. Deep inside, however, seventh graders Alex Hibbert and Jaden Piner know their lives have changed.

Twelve-year-old kids Hibbert and Piner both attend the Norland Middle School in Miami, Florida. On their return to school, they were warmly greeted by the community and got another red carpet treatment.

"It was a different feel, everybody was saying congratulations and everything and it felt wonderful," Piner said, according to NBC Miami. The boys had a local press conference arranged by their drama teacher, Tanisha Cidel, who was also in the movie.

"My phone is blowing up," Hibbert said, per WSVN. The boys were also honored by their school for Black History Month.

Hibbert and Piner played best friends Chiron and Kevin in the movie. "Moonlight" dealt with Chiron's coming-of-age, as he realized he's gay.

The movie filmed in the boys' Liberty City neighborhood which few people have seen about Miami with its hotels and glamorous lifestyle. "It shows that Liberty City is not really a bad place and you can't judge it by the news," Hibbert said.

"Moonlight" is the very first movie for both boys. When they auditioned, they did not expect it will become something big enough to bag Best Picture at the Oscars. The film beat eight other contenders, including "La La Land," the heavy favorite.

"I want the parents to understand that if your child has any talent or shows an interest in the arts, take it seriously," their drama teacher told the audience at the press conference, referring to the boys' success. Hibbert has actually bagged a role in a drama series for Showtime, which he will shoot in the summer.

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