North Carolina Teenager Faces Accusations Of Decapitating Mother, Sheriff Calls It A 'Gruesome Scene'

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald March 08, 09:26 am

The police arrested a North Carolina teenager due to the decapitation of his mother. The sheriff who handled the case said the crime scene was gruesome.

Franklin County Sheriff Kent Winstead identified the suspect as 18-year-old Oliver Funez. Funez was charged with first-degree murder. The incident took place on Monday at a Morgan Drive home. Winstead said the teen called 911 and a deputy who answered the call saw him walk out of their house with the head of his mother in one hand and a butcher knife in the other hand, CBS News reported.

The mother of Funez was identified as Yesenia Funez Beatriz Machado, 35. Two younger siblings were at the home at the time the crime took place but they were not harmed. One more sibling was not at home when the killing happened, ABC 7 reported.

Winstead said they cannot determine how many stab wounds and cuts were there as they're still in the early stages of the investigation. The home was searched for hours to collect evidence. The body of Machado was removed only around 8:30 p.m. and the scene was cleared around 10 p.m.

The motive for the killing was unknown. Machado's husband came home around 5 p.m. and was said to be in grief. A neighbor said, "I don't know what they told him. I mean, we just heard him crying and you could hear him all over the place. I mean he definitely never expected something like this to happen."

The other children were with their father but it was not stated where they are staying now. Meanwhile, the next court appearance of Funez was not determined yet but police confirmed he had his court appearance earlier this week. There were no other reports as to Funez possibly having ingested any substance that led to the killing. 

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