Hillary Clinton Gives Shout Out To 4th Grader Who Forms Female Empowerment Club In School

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald March 11, 04:00 am

A fourth grader who formed a female empowerment club at her school became the newest internet sensation. Even Hillary Clinton got wind of her story from social media and gave the girl a shout out on her Twitter account.

The unnamed fourth grader was passing a note around in her class, just like any student. The teacher, however, caught the young girl in the act. Instead of reprimanding her, the teacher shared the note with a friend, Elly Zupko, who then shared it on her Twitter, according to AOL.

"Do you want to join a club for female empowerment," the message on the note stated. "We are the leaders."

The tweet so far received 56,830 likes and 178,058 shares as of press time. It has been viewed at least six million times, according to CBS Baltimore.

Clinton, who has become one of the symbols of female empowerment in recent times, shared the note on her Twitterin celebration of International Women's Day on March 8. "I remember writing notes in fourth grade. I never wrote a note like this, though," Clinton said.

Yet there were some who doubted the authenticity of the note in as much as it gained attention. They accused Zupko, a feminist who founded a non-profit for women, of faking the story, according to Uproxx.

"I'm sad to see that people think we would have to fake something like this because they don't believe in the power and intellect of the generation we're raising," Zupko said. She insisted the note is real and that the fourth-grade girl and her female empowerment club existed.

In fact, some parents have helped get the club started, along with Zupko who has been gathering donations. The girls will have their first assembly this April. Their focus will be on enjoying science, technology, engineering, math, arts and religion.

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