Baby Milestones: Sleep Basics Expected At 6 Months; Training Baby To Adapt A Sleep Routine

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald March 13, 04:00 am

A baby achieves many milestones when she reaches six months but there's more to expect from her development. One of this includes the changes in her sleeping habits as the baby learns to follow a more structured sleep routine.

A six-month baby begins sleeping longer at night and develop better nap patterns during the daytime, according to Baby Sleep Site. This period then is a good time for parents to introduce the baby to a sleep routine with a few methods of trial and error.

This process takes time as with any type of baby training. Parents should expect some resistance, fussiness and irregular patterns to crop up as the baby learns to self-soothe and adjust to the routine.

Being consistent with the baby's sleep schedule helps her develop a good sleep routine, according to Baby Center. Predictability is also important so that the baby won't fight off sleep but instead learn to relax and settle down to the schedule.

When the baby cries because she doesn't want to sleep, some experts advise parents to leave her be so she can learn to self-soothe. This is called the Ferber method. Other experts, however, advise against this technique as it can only lead to trauma, according to Parenting Science.

Parents can also try the fading method, a gentler option of the "cry it out" method, according to Romper. This technique involves parents gradually reducing their involvement as the sleep training progresses. Parents can either time their check-ins or adjust the frequency of accompanying a sleeping child until she learns to sleep in her own bed on her own.

Some babies, however, might not present signs they are ready for sleep training at six months. Don't worry about this, parents, as each child is different and some do take a while to reach their baby milestones. Consult with a pediatrician for any apprehensions regarding the baby's development.

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