Here's The Biggest Parenting Lesson From Disney's 'Beauty And The Beast' Live-Action Film

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald March 14, 04:00 am

March 17 is going to be an exciting day for families as Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" live-action, which stars Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, is finally running in theaters. The much-awaited movie is an adaption of a classic and well-loved animation. Aside from the entertainment value, the film presents parenting lesson from which moms and dads can take tips.

The stars of "Beauty and the Beast" are very much aware of the parenting aspects of the film. For Watson, the dynamic between her character Belle and the father Maurice (Kevin Kline) is crucial to the movie.

In "Beauty and the Beast," Belle takes care of her ailing and aging father in the absence of a mom. Belle and Maurice are in sync about most of the things that go on in their lives in a provincial town. "What makes the dynamic of Belle and Maurice's relationship so interesting is that they're toe to toe," Watson said, as per Den of Geek.

Belle took her father's place when he became a prisoner in the Beast's castle. This prompted some to argue that Maurice was actually one of the worst Disney dads, according to Romper. He was the reason why his daughter was at risk because he explored the forbidden castle in the first place.

Watson's co-star reflected on this father-daughter relationship as well, citing the absentee parent. He alluded that Disney often makes use of this plot device to let a character, such as Belle, grow up.

"It's what makes them great family movies that you look at that dynamic: what is there, what isn't there, and what might be there in the absence?" Stevens said. "Sometimes a cautionary tale, but also sometimes a reminder of the value of that kind of parental love."

It should be noted that Belle longed for a life outside their simple town. She sang about it in the movie's opening scene and perhaps only stayed because of her father.

The biggest parenting lesson from "Beauty and the Beast," therefore, is for a parent to realize children do eventually leave the home and deal with the risks around them all by themselves. Belle lucks out, however, coz the risk she takes ends in a happily-ever-after. This is still a Disney film after all.

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