52 Million Americans To Lose Health Insurance If Obamacare Replacement Bill Passes House, Senate?

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald March 14, 08:34 am

The GOP released the changes they will make regarding the Affordable Health Care Act, better known as the ObamaCare, and many questioned the possibility of it being passed in the House and the Senate. Also, a new study estimated more than 52 million Americans might lose their health insurance coverage if the American Health Care Act proposed by the Trump administration will continue.

The Republicans presented a clearer picture about the repeal and replace bill and they said Medicaid will be restricted and the insurance will depend on the age of a person and not his or her income. The positive side of the repeal and replace bill was reportedly the reduction of the federal budget of around $337 billion if ObamaCare will be changed but there are more negative effects expected.

The bill will first go to the Rules Committee, which will consider the amendments. Next, the House will review the bill and it must gather enough votes to get to Senate. However, if the House and the Senate have differences with their comments on the repeal and replace bill, a conference committee will be formed and members from the two chambers will fix the differences.

Once the steps are completed, the bill will move forward and President Donald Trump will decide if the bill shall become a law or if he will veto it. Trump is expected to decide in favor of the repeal and replace bill as he made it his priority during his first weeks in the presidential post, Washington Post shared.

More on the millions of people who could lose their health care coverage once ObamaCare is repealed and replaced, the Congressional Budget Office estimated by the year 2026 that 52 million Americans will most likely be uninsured under the American Health Care Act as opposed to 28 million Americans not insured under the ObamaCare, CNBC reported.

House Speaker Paul Ryan took the report in a positive manner and said the CBO estimate proved the American Health Care Act will lower the premium and will provide massive tax relief. He added, "These are things we are achieving in just the first of a three-pronged approach. It's important to note that this report does not take into consideration additional steps Congress and the Trump administration are taking that will further lower costs and increase choices."

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