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Michelle Obama Spills Her Daughters Last Days At White House

Moms  3 May '17

Mom Michelle Obama Spills Malia And Sasha Had A Sleepover On Their Final Night At White House

The Obama daughters had a typically teenage send-off party on their last night at their home for eight years.


Health/Nutrition  14 March '17

52 Million Americans To Lose Health Insurance If Obamacare Replacement Bill Passes House, Senate?

The GOP recently issued the plan regarding the repeal and replace bill to remove ObamaCare and now many are asking if the bill will be passed in the House and the Senate and how many Americans could lose their health insurance.

New Law Requires Gender Neutral Bathroom Signs

Family Life  27 February '17

Here's Why Family Groups Are Supporting President Trump's Rollback On Transgender Bathroom Rights

Others criticized the president for being anti-LGBTQ but he has gotten some support from pro-family groups in this issue.

President Donald Trump

Teens/Young Adults  23 February '17

Trump Administration On Transgender Bathroom Law: Expect Changes On Guidelines Amid Lifting Of Obama's Federal Protections

The president's men might alter some of the guidelines of the controversial transgender bathroom bill.

President Obama Holds Year-End Press Conference At The White House

Family Life  29 December '16

President Barack Obama's Mom Had Unconventional Parenting Style, He Believes It Worked Well For Him

Ann Dunham died before she could witness her son become the U.S. president for eight years.

Blair Faces Mounting Revolt in Top-Up Fees Row

College Success  21 December '16

Higher Education Reforms: Valid Suggestions For The Trump Administration In Improving America's College System

Reforms are expected with a new leader assuming in January. Hopefully, the change will bring improvements and not the opposite.

U.S. Supreme Court Hears Challenge To Obama Immigration Programs

School  12 December '16

Indiana Colleges Vow To Uphold Obama's DACA Immigration Program For Undocumented Students Amid Fears Trump Will Abolish It

There are 750,000 students from immigrant families benefitting from the program and their future could be in jeopardy.

Boehner, GOP Leaders Speak To Press After House Republican Conf. Meeting

School  2 December '16

House Education Chair A Game-Changer Who Can Undo Obama's Legacy? Get To Know Rep. Virginia Foxx

Some believe that the 73-year-old politicians views are not in keeping with today's time, while others love her staunch and tough attitude.

President Barack Obama Hosted The 2016 NBA Champs' Cleveland Cavaliers

Dads  12 November '16

NBA News: Obama Hosted The Reigning NBA Champs Cleveland Cavs

The 2016 NBA champions Cleveland Cavaliers visited president Barack Obama at the White House.

NBA LeBron James React To Clinton’s Election Loss On His Instagram Account, “Don’t Lose Faith”

Dads  10 November '16

NBA LeBron James React To Clinton’s Election Loss On His Instagram Account, “Don’t Lose Faith”

Instead of finding ways to be angry, King James urged minorities and women to be hopeful despite his presidential candidate's loss.

President Obama Speaks at BET’s “Love and Happiness: A Musical Experience

Politics  24 October '16

President Barrack Obama Refuses To Twerk In The Last Musical Event At The White House, Announces No More Twerking?

Pres. Barrack Obama said that he won't twerk during the last musical event at the White House.

US New Education Law: Teachers In Toledo Are Seizing On A New Federal Education Law

K-12 Reform  8 October '16

US New Education Law: Toledo Teachers Are Seizing On A New Federal Education Law

Teachers in Toledo, Ohio are seizing on this education law to curtail standardized testing - viewed as excessive and harmful.

First Family Attends National Christmas Tree

Teens/Young Adults  15 September '16

Michelle Obama Discusses Her Teen Girls: Malia & Sasha 'Will Have A Tough Time' In White House Move Out

The Obama daughters were only little kids when they first set foot in their home for eight years -- the White House.

First Family Departs for Martha's Vineyard

School Age  17 August '16

President Obama Gets Advice From An 8-Year-Old Girl To Lighten Up & Here's How POTUS Replied

Lily also wanted the president to assure her worries about politics.

Donald Trump Begins Post-Convention Campaign Swing in Roanoke, VA

Family ♥ Story  26 July '16

Barack Obama's Half-Brother Throws Support For Donald Trump; Here's Why He's Voting The Republican In The US Elections

The half-brothers have an estranged relationship for years, reports say.

Gun Club

Education  2 June '16

Gun Violence Awareness Campaign Sheds Light On The #WearingOrange Hashtag

What's the story behind #WearingOrange?

Obama Delivers Commencement Address At Rutgers University

School  18 May '16

Obama Hits Trump Policies At Rutgers Graduation Speech

Barack Obama is the first sitting president to speak at a Rutgers University commencement ceremony.

North Carolina Clashes With U.S. Over New Public Restroom Law

School  17 May '16

9-Year-Old Transgender Says Bathroom Debate Is 'Stupid' Against 'Other Problems In The World'

America's ongoing debate about the issue even has the president stepping in to order a mandate.

President Obama addresses the APAICS Gala in Washington, D.C.

Politics  16 May '16

Transgender Bathroom Law: School Bathroom For Third Sex Ignites Criticisms

President Barack Obama's government is now facing criticisms for its new order for transgender's bathroom in schools.

Economic Downturn Prompts Economy Shopping In American Southwest

Gear  16 May '16

Diaper Cost Making Families Poorer; Here's What The White House Is Doing

The struggle is definitely real for parents with low-income, as they spend the same amount for diaper needs as higher-income parents.

President Obama Delivers State Of The Union Address At U.S. Capitol

Family Life  4 May '16

Illinois Mother Brain-Dead After Random Shooting; President Obama Talks About Stricter Gun Control Laws

Learn more details about this tragic incident and how the government is responding to gun violence in the U.S.

White House Correspondents' Dinner Party

K-12 Reform  4 May '16

Obama's 2021 STEM Teacher Goal To Be Met

President Barack Obama's goal to have 100,000 excellent STEM teachers by 2021 is still on track.

Portrait Released For The Queen's 90th Birthday

News  28 April '16

Prince George A Little King: Kate Middleton & Prince William's Son Has The Makings Of A Monarch

The steady, normalized homelife that Kate Middleton and Prince William give Prince George is proving effective and apparent in the self-assured litte king-to-be.

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