Oklahoma Senate Sanctions Senator Found With Teenage Boy In Motel

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald March 16, 04:00 am

An Oklahoma senator could face possible charges on top of the Senate's order to sanction him. Authorities found the senator, Ralph Shortey, and the teenage boy at the motel last week after the latter's family called the cops on them.

Shortey and the teen exchanged messages via text and the family read those messages. However, the police did not reveal the details about the messages but they said the family of the teen called police immediately after they read the exchange between the two.

Authorities did not also reveal what they saw when they went to the motel room where the senator and the teen stayed. It remained unknown what Shortey told authorities upon the discovery as well as what the teen told them.

The incident took place in the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore. Authorities continued to investigate the matter and there were no charges filed yet. However, the Senate voted 43-0 to punish Shortey for disorderly behavior. The Senate removed Shortey from membership and leadership of various Senate committees and barred him from occupying his office at the Capitol.

The Senate also blocked his expense allowances and authorship of bills and revoked his right to have an executive assistant. The Senate did not strip his right to receive his annual salary as a senator and his right to vote, Chron said.

Oklahoma Senate President Pro Tem Mike Schulz released a statement saying they have full faith that the judicial system will bring a lawful conclusion to the matter. Schulz added their aforementioned moves is a preparation to pursue further action if more information surfaces, The Washington Post reported.

Pam Pollard, the chair of the Oklahoma Republican Party, said no person should be subjected to sex crimes. She added they believe everyone deserves their day in court but Shortey's actions are not in line with the Oklahoma Republican Party.

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