US President Donald Trump Admits ObamaCare Replacement Will Hurt Supporters, Urges Them To Support Healthcare Policy

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald March 17, 04:10 am

Amid the plans of repealing and eventually replacing the Affordable Care Act, which is best known as the ObamaCare, President Donald Trump appealed to his supporters regarding rallying behind the bill. However, he admitted the healthcare policy they are working on will affect his supporters.

The proposed replacement will remove Medicaid and federal support to help Americans get private health insurance and will base the insurance on a person's age and not income. With this, experts conducted studies and found out it is possible the new health care policy will result to 26 million Americans losing their health insurance coverage by 2026.

Trump seemed reserved regarding pushing through with the repeal when he appeared on "Fox News" and talked with Tucker Carlson. Carlson asked the president if the new healthcare policy will hurt his supporters and he conceded there are a lot of things that are not consistent as opposed to his promises during the campaign like when he said he will provide insurance for everybody. He also admitted Democrats will never vote for the new bill and for the Republicans, he knew around six senators will not support it, Vanity Fair reported.

Earlier this week, the Trump administration gave conflicting statements about the ObamaCare replacement bill. Trump said he was open to major changes in the bill while his White House adviser, Kellyanne Conway, said the bill was already in its final form.

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan also said on Wednesday he made some necessary improvements and refinements to the proposed bill in order to answer the concerns of the people, The New York Times shared. Many Republicans spoke against Trump and Ryan's plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

Trump then urged his supporters at the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, saying his administration wants Americans to be able to purchase the health insurance plan they want and not what the government forced on them in the past years. He added, "We're going to all get together, we're going to get something done."

It is believed the ObamaCare replacement will be finalized by next year. The Trump administration never released a specific timeline on the proposed repeal and replace move.

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