TSA Official Pats Down Boy At DFW Airport; Mother Expresses Angry Sentiments On Facebook

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald March 28, 04:27 am

A mother took to social media to express her anger and outrage over the fact that a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) official gave her boy a pat down. Many came to the defense of the mother and the boy and expressed their disapproval of what the official did.

The incident took place at the DFW International Airport over the weekend. The mother, Jennifer Williamson, took to Facebook to post the video she took while the official did his job. In the video, the officer talked to the boy, identified as Aaron, before the TSA official patted down his back side then his front side, Star-Telegram reported.

Williamson said airport officials kept her so for more than an hour while they checked him out. She said she protested against the pat down because her son has Sensory Processing Disorder, a condition that causes panic and anxiety in children when they get touched.

"He set off NO alarms," Williamson wrote in her Facebook post. "He physically did not alarm at all during screening, he passed through the detector just fine. He is still several hours later saying 'I don't know what I did. What did I do?'"

The mother continued to reveal the first officer who did the pat down was not the only one who made such move. Two more TSA agents joined the pat down at one point. Williamson accused them of power tripping and traumatizing her son, 9 News said.

The Facebook post received more than 65,000 shares and more than three million views. The video Williamson posted lasted for two minutes.

TSA released a statement regarding the matter. They said the TSA agent did what he had to do because of an alarm on the teen's laptop. They also slammed the mother's claim that the agents kept them for over an hour as TSA said the pat down and other security checks lasted only for 45 minutes.


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