Allegiant Air Flight Kicks Out Sisters Who Are On Their Way To See Dying Father; Grieving Siblings Miss Dad’s Final Moments

Two sisters were on their way to see their dying father but they were kicked out of their Allegiant Air flight. The sisters said that the time cost them to miss their dad's dying moments.

The two sisters were identified as Debbie Hartman and Trisha Baker, who are both residing in DeLand, Florida. They were on their way from an Orlando airport to North Carolina. But Baker said as the plane was preparing to depart, she received a text message saying that her father had only hours to live.

According to Fox News, Baker went to Hartman and tell her about their father's condition, who was in a hospice. Unfortunately, Baker was told to sit down by one of the flight attendants and the incident intensified after Hartman suffered a panic attack.

Baker tried to comfort Hartman but another crew member intervened. Hartman said that her sister told the flight attendant, "You're being very rude. My father is dying, and I'm comforting her." The flight attendants then said that Hartman needs to keep her personal problems off the plane.

Baker then accused the flight attendant of not being compassionate and the captain was informed of the situation. The captain then turned the plane around and docked at a gate. The sisters were escorted from the flight.

The other passengers complained about the handling of the situation and were confused about the decision of the captain to turn the plane around and kick the sisters off of the flight. Some took to YouTube to share their sentiments about the incident and said that the other sister was just consoling her sibling and the decision to kick them off of the flight was inhumane and deplorable.

Hartman said in a statement that she wants them to be punished in some way as what they did was not humane. She said that the crew was "the gate" that kept her from saying goodbye to her father.

Allegiant Air said that they have started an investigation on the matter. They have not given an update about the incident yet, NBC News reported.

The sisters never saw their father alive for the last time. They were only able to book a flight the next day but their father died later the same day that they were kicked out of the flight.

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