Southwest Flight-Born Baby Named Jet In Critical Condition; Infant Carefully Monitored After Being Born 14 Weeks Early

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald December 08, 05:04 am

A baby was born in the middle of a flight that was bound for Orlando via Southwest Airlines. The baby was named Jet but he is said to be in critical condition and is being closely monitored.

News 2 reported that the Southwest Airlines plane had to make an emergency landing in Charleston after the baby was born. The airline's Flight 556 departed from Philadelphia and was set to fly to Orlando, Florida on Sunday when the woman went into labor. A medical personnel who were on the flight helped in the delivery of the baby, who was born 14 weeks before the due date of the mother.

The baby weighs a little over two pounds. He and his family are now at the NIC-U at the Medical University of South Carolina and is being carefully monitored.

The spokeswoman for Medical University, Heather Woolwine, told News 6 that the baby's blood pressure has been stable but is still being treated for possible infection due to the environment where the baby was born. Woolwine added, "It is remarkable that he was able to go for some time without some type of respiratory support while on his way to us." No other details are available regarding the condition of the mother.

Reports claim that the name of the baby, Jet, was actually on their list of baby names even before the midflight delivery. It is unclear what other names were listed by the parents of baby Jet.

The family was traveling to the Orlando area in order to go to a baby shower. It was not clarified if they were traveling for another baby shower or if the party was supposed to be thrown for them in Orlando.

Meanwhile, the family of the baby has yet to give any statement about the matter. The Orlando-bound flight was able to arrive at their destination an hour after the schedule. None of the remaining passengers have commented on the incident.

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