Babies Wearing Heels: Parents Lose Their Minds Over Pee Wee Pumps, Infant Shoes Have High Heels

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald March 30, 04:00 am

Parents are losing their minds over these infant shoes with high heels. A company called Pee Wee Pumps is selling the merchandise online and people think it's weird and wrong to see babies wearing heels.

Pee Wee Pumps came under fire after Let Clothes Be Clothes, a watchdog group, posted the product on their Facebook page. Parents reacted in the comments section and said Pee Wee Pumps sexualized children.

Parents were also concerned about the physical effects of forcing babies to wear heels or shoes at this age. One mom, however, had a more pressing concern. "What disturbs me is not that someone made a product so obviously inappropriate, but that I know a hoard of moms will be out there somewhere, chomping at the bit to kit their little 'princesses' out in heels and bling," she said.

A Pennsylvania company developed Pee Wee Pumps and launched the product in 2014, according to Today. The shoes cost $10 to $15 a pair and come in different colors and prints.

Michele Holbrook of Pee Wee Pumps told Today the shoes are cotton-made with soft soles and collapsible heels. The shoes are not meant for walking as Pee Wee Pumps are crib shoes only.

Holbrook got the idea for the crib shoes when she first spotted high heels for babies in 2009, according to Pee Wee Pumps. When she had her daughter, she decided to create crib shoes because the ones she bought would usually fall off her baby's feet. The mom also wanted something fashionable and remembered the infant shoes she saw.

Holbrook also denied the pumps sexualized children. For her, the problem laid with the perception of those complaining about babies wearing heels. "In the grand scheme of things, when it all boils down to it, it's just a photo prop," she said. Pee Wee Pumps received an average of three-star reviews among consumers at Amazon.

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