Fake, Adult-Rated Peppa Pig, Doc McStuffins Video Sneak In YouTube Kids

By Olivia Etienne, Parent Herald April 05, 10:58 am

Parents may want to double check what is playing on YouTube Kids as the app was infiltrated by adult-rated parodies. The kid-friendly version of the famous video site is reported to contain cartoons that feature violent and even sexual plotlines.

In a report by AOL, the knock-off clips were said to disguise as well-loved kiddie cartoons like Peppa Pig, Frozen and Doc McStuffins. In the first few minutes of the video, it appeared like a decent animation, tricking parents of its dim-rated content.

Some adult-rated videos were reported to portray violence like combusting flames, zombies and even terrible amounts of blood from injected syringes. Report said that the faux videos were even meticulously animated to look closely like the original cartoons so children could get hooked into the videos more, as they would not be able to resemble what's fake and what's not.

Eriq Martinez, a Texan father to a three-year-old girl, shared to KFox14 that one of the videos' content was even about the characters taking a pregnancy test. In disbelief, Martinez said that it was her daughter, Millie, who discovered the videos on her own and said that the characters involved Cinderella and Spider-Man.

Martinez also said that in another video, Spider-Man was depicted to be looking for dresses, adding that it is not what the hero usually does. "It's alarming. People are out there specifically to let toddlers see this," Martinez told the news organization.

The Outline broke the news a few weeks back as writer, Laura June, and her daughter stumbled across a faux Peppa Pig with an off-brand story. According to June, explicit Peppa Pig was "the stuff of nightmares" as the famous British pig carried a big needle, along with other non-kid-friendly tools, in the video. June also shared about a zombie-themed Doc McStuffins that was as horrific as the first mentioned explicit video.

June stated that the faux Peppa Pig video was posted by a channel named "Baby Fun TV," which had over 2 million views for all of its videos. Meanwhile, the knock-off Doc McStuffins had over 10 million views collectively.

Do you supervise your kids while watching YouTube Kids? Let us know if you have come across the same parody videos and share your thoughts about it below!

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