Trying To Get Pregnant? Fertility Expert Recommends Making These Unconventional Lifestyle Changes To Aid In Conception

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald April 11, 04:00 am

A fertility expert recommends a few unconventional changes for couples trying to get pregnant. Angela Le from New York's Fifth Avenue Fertility Wellness shares fertility enhancing tips couples won't commonly hear from doctors.

Good health, proper diet and exercise are oftentimes the standard doctor's recommendations for couples trying to conceive. Le believes these aren't enough to aid in conception.

The fertility expert suggests couples make unusual but simple lifestyle changes to improve their chances of having a baby. For one thing, she says couples should ensure they get quality sleep and stay away from "light pollution," as per Mind Body Green.

A peek of light in the bedroom disrupts sleep patterns that affect a person's stress levels and in turn weakens the body. Men who don't get quality sleep also reduce their testosterone levels, according to Health Day.

Le also suggests couples should ensure they get enough sunshine or vitamin D. More commonly associated with the development of stronger bones, Vitamin D also contains calcitriol that is essential in female reproduction, as per USC Fertility.

Le also recommends couples avoid eating food packed in plastic containers or Saran wrap. Instead, leftover dishes should be packed in glass or non-plastic containers to prevent exposure to phthalate.

A study conducted in 2013 determined phthalate exposure was higher than normal among infertile couples, as per CNN. "Phthalates are anti-androgens, and other studies have shown that environmental levels of phthalates in infertile men correlate with increased rates of sperm DNA damage, low sperm counts and abnormal sperm," Linda Giudice of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine said.

Le further recommends couples use pH balanced and paraben-free lubricants during sex. This product eases copulation but partners should best use one that's free of chemicals.

What do you think of Le's suggestions? Will you follow some of these tips? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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