Explaining Easter To Kids: Discussing The Easter Bunny, Easter Eggs And Easter's True Meaning

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald April 13, 04:00 am

Easter Sunday falls on April 16 this year but by now, parents and their kids might have already seen Easter items and event announcements everywhere. As the religious holiday approaches, curious children might have questions about the Easter bunny, the Easter eggs and its ties to Easter's true meaning. Where do parents start explaining these to kids?

It's still best to start explaining Easter's origins in Christianity to children even if the family is not religious, according to experts via Huffington Post. This way, the children can associate the true meaning of Easter as rooted in the belief of Jesus Christ's resurrection.

Talking about Easter's origin is also a good time for children to learn about other religions and faiths to build their understanding and awareness of how people are different. "Even if we don't believe the stories of the Bible, many still do the cultural customs as a tradition," according to parenting expert Alyson Schafer.

In discussing Easter and Jesus Christ with younger children, however, it's best to avoid emphasizing that Jesus died to save mankind from sin as they won't connect to this concept yet. Instead, Patheos suggested parents focus on Jesus' love and bravery as well as the message of hope in his resurrection and new life.

On the subject of Easter bunny or the Easter eggs, parents can then introduce how the Germans in the 17th century celebrated Easter differently several years after Jesus' death. The rabbits and eggs symbolize fertility, which in a way also connects to new life. These Easter items are also associated with good harvest during spring.

Germans who came to America brought this practice with them which many American households also observe even today. This doesn't mean, however, that one tradition is better than the other because everything is based on what one believes in.

Which Easter tradition do you observe in your family? Have your children asked you about the essence of Easter? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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