Antibiotics Make Children Angry Adults

Children Taking Antibiotics In Early Years Grow Up As Angry Adults, Study Claims

The experiment conducted among mice reflect health concerns on how antibiotics impact young children.

by Amanda Moore

An Aspirin A Day Could Prevent Both Heart Disease And Colon Cancer

Low-Dose Asperin Can Reduce Cancer-Related Deaths

A study revealed that taking aspirin in low doses can potentially reduce cancer-related deaths.

by Abbie Kraft

 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Push Legalized Marijuana

Justin Trudeau Says Legalized Marijuana Protects Young People, Canada PM Won't Decriminalize Illicit Drugs Except Pot

The prime minister discussed legalization of drugs among health experts and first responders in Vancouver, which declared a state of emergency on drug overdose.

by Amanda Moore

Columbus Police expands pilot program on having antidotes for drug overdose

Drug Overdose Rising In Columbus; Police Carry More Antidotes As Naloxone Pilot Program Sees Expansion

Due to the rising number of drug overdose cases, the Columbus police will be carrying more antidotes.

by Claire Parker


Mom Seeks New Law Restricting Fetanyl After Son Dies From Ingesting Drug Mistaken As Painkiller

Lisa Hicks continues her fight against drugs two years after her son died from fentanyl overdose.

by Claire Parker

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman Posts Photo Post-Skin Cancer Treatment, Warns People About Not Wearing Sunscreen

This is the fourth time the "Wolverine" actor has undergone treatments for the disease.

by Claire Parker

New England Towns Struggle With Opioid And Heroin Epidemic

Chronic Pain Occurs More Among Poorly Educated Low-Income Americans, Study Reveals

Study author Hanna Grol-Prokopczyk said that this health problem is even greater than heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

by Amanda Moore

California Medical Center Holds Free H1N1 Drive-Thru Community Clinic

Rare Flu Kills 6-Year-Old Girl; Should Parents Worry About Vaccination Complications? Doctor Set It Straight

Aside from Eva Marie Harris, two other children in Ohio have died due to the flu.

by Amanda Moore

Zika Virus

New Zika Vaccine Makes Mice, Monkeys Immune From Disease; Is This One-Dose Vaccine The Cure To Zika?

A new Zika vaccine made mice and monkeys immune from the disease.

by Claire Parker

Centers For Disease Control Says Flu Epidemic Worsening Across Country

Donald Trump Muslim Ban: Children Needing Medical Care In US Can't Receive Aid

UNICEF has issued a statement asking the president to reconsider his order on behalf of 28 million children in war-torn countries who could need help.

by Amanda Moore

Israel Pioneers Use Of Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana In Schools: Families Lobby For Cannabis In Washington Schools, Lawmakers Push For Legalization

Two bills in the House and Senate are being deliberated on that could potentially help families whose kids rely on the substance for medication.

by Amanda Moore

Children's Hospital Class Aims To Help Youth With Obesity Issues

Weight Loss For Children? Hawkers Selling Diet & Slimming Products For Kids At Online Stores - Parents Beware!

The pill for 3 to 12-year-olds apparently contains "natural" ingredients but doctors are still warning about its harmful effects.

by Amanda Moore

Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Another Way Of Treating ER+ Advanced Breast Cancer

Clinicians who are helping postmenopausal patients with advanced,hormone receptor(HR)---affirmed breast cancer given hope as another way of treating ER+Advanced Breast Cancer when emerged occurred in resistance to endocrine-based therapy.

by Wayne Parker

Cancer-fighting berries

'Anti-Cancer' Berries Discovered In Australian Rainforest

Compound in berries could be humanity's last hope to fight cancer

by alexa ancheta

CANNABIS STOPS Parkinson's Disease Symptoms

Medical Marijuana Paves Way To Cure Parkinson's Disease

Research reveals that medical marijuana paves a way for the treatment of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

by Abbie Kraft

International Aid Agencies

Report On Progress Of Aid Organizations Issued

Who assesses the international organizations that are responsible for funding aid to less fortunate regions of the world?

by Henry Tyler

Becoming Bald

Four Medical Conditions That May Change Your Hair Looks

Lots of us wanted a perfectly styled hair, a hair that is finely combed or beautifully gelled. Others even do get mad for having a bad hair day over just an ordinary day. These all are just in a normal circumstances how much more with a medical condition which make affects not just your hair but as well as your teeth, tongue, skin and other parts of your body.

by Xiaowei Kang

Florida Struggles With Legal Herbal Supplement Which Mirrors Opiate Narcotic Effects

Millions To Benefit Expectantly If Kratom Finally Permitted

Thousands recently implored the DEA not to ban Kratom. Will it decide anyway? Or maybe not.

by Cheryl Ruth Santos

Marijuana Grow Near Albany For State's Legal Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

New Policies For Marijuana Awaits Oregon After Adversed Changes In The Industry

New rules in marijuana selling and production are up in Oregon.

by Dianne Franc

EpiPen Prices Soar, Rattling Consumers

Find Out How Controversial EpiPens Price Got Driven Amazingly Lower

The price of EpiPens, a powerful anti-allergy medication had been increasing the past years. Find out how public outrage was able to deliver amazing results.

by Cheryl Ruth Santos

Circumin Beyond A Mere Antidepressant

Testifying Curcumin Beyond Just An Antidepressant

Many people nowadays, especially mature ones, are experiencing atypical depression caused by stress, unhealthy lifestyle and not having proper medication to prevent serious diseases. But some of them are sticking with food supplements that have an antioxidant to reduce the risk of illness and depression and to stabilize immunity. Those are needed for the body to fight foreign bodies. However, their phytochemicals are not enough for the body and may lead to more severe side effects. Emily Deans M.D. stated at Psychology Today about food supplements that are not advisable for curing depression and other illnesses. But she proposed Curcumin as an antidepressant, though it’s still skeptical and its phytochemicals need further examination.

by Wayne Parker

HIV/AIDS Summit in Miami

New Vaccine To Prevent HIV Is Out For Testing, Scientists Start The Experiment In South Africa

This new vaccine just might be the answer to prevent HIV.

by Dianne Franc

World AIDS Day Commemorated In San Francisco

AIDS Cure Latest Updates: China Is Set To Launch Albuvirtide, World’s First Long-acting Intravenous Treatment For HIV

China is set to introduce Albuvirtide, the latest anti-HIV drug which will prove to be the world's first long-acting intravenous treatment for HIV.

by Gerone Trish

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