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SPED Kids  5 April '16

Father To Sue New York City For $5 Million After School Aide Punches His 11-Year-Old Autistic Son

A Brooklyn parent is planning to sue New York City for hiring and training a paraprofessional who does not know how to deal with an autistic child.

Movie night

Parenting  5 April '16

US TV Content Ratings System Failed To Protect Children, Study Claims

A study conducted by Parents TV Council found that the TV content ratings system in the U.S., which is intended to protect younger viewers from seeing inappropriate content, is not serving its purpose.

Health scare in schools

Health/Nutrition  5 April '16

Health Scare At Malibu High School Sparks Nationwide Debate; Parents Worry About The Safety Of The Students

The presence of PCBs at Malibu High School’s classroom windows has alarmed parents. However, school officials insisted that the campus remains safe for students and teachers.

F1 Grand Prix of Bahrain

Pregnancy  5 April '16

Canadian Parents Find Out Baby’s Gender Through Fireworks Display

A couple from Canada used a dynamite plunger to set off a fireworks display to reveal the sex of their second baby.

Pregnant woman showing her belly

Infant  4 April '16

Baby’s Gender May Be Determined By Ancient Virus, Study Finds

A new research suggests that the sex of babies and animals may be influenced by a viral infection that has been embedded in mammal genomes for more than a million years.

Former U.S. Assistant Secretary Of Education Diane Ravitch Explores 'Education On The Edge' At CSUN

School  4 April '16

Education Historian Diane Ravitch Calls Parents To Opt Their Kids Out Of High-Stakes Standardized Tests

Historian of education Diane Ravitch is urging parents to take part of the national boycott for Common Core exams.

Elementary Student Hides His Face While Being Bullied

School  4 April '16

Stop Bullying Before It Begins Through Education and Cultural Celebration, Experts Suggest

Educating students and celebrating cultural diversity can stop bullying before it happens, experts say.

Dionne Quintuplets Have Ice Cream Cone

Infant  4 April '16

Surprise! Indian Woman Gives Birth To Quintuplets Through Natural Delivery In Just Over 30 Minutes

A pregnant housewife, who was expecting only one child, has given birth to five daughters in less than an hour.

Woman kissing cat

Health/Nutrition  1 April '16

Cat Owners Are More Likely To Suffer Mental Health Problems, Researchers Warn

A new study suggests that a common parasite found in cat feces could be responsible for uncontrollable anger outbursts.

Graduates tossing caps into the air

Education  30 March '16

Wyoming’s High School Graduation Rate Remains Below The National Level Despite Slight Gains

The statewide high school graduation rate in Wyoming slightly increased over the past school year. However, it fell short of the national rate.

Male college student in wheelchair at library

News  29 March '16

Complaint: Hartford Public School System ‘Completely Failed’ Students With Disabilities

Legal advocates lambasted Hartford’s New Visions for providing poor quality education to students with disabilities.

Teacher helping his students in classroom

News  29 March '16

Kansas House Junks Bill That Would Have Repealed Common Core Education Standards

The efforts to boot the Common Core education standards in Kansas failed to get the approval of the House.

Father and son using digital tablet on bed

Parenting  27 March '16

Child Development: 5 Positive Parenting Tips For Middle Childhood

Middle childhood is the phase when kids turn more independent and start to get curious. Here are some positive parenting tips for this developmental milestone.

Birthday Party

Parenting  27 March '16

Fun And Easy Birthday Party Ideas For Kids Who Are Turning 1, 5 and 10

Kid’s birthday parties do not have to turn into a huge production in order to become memorable. Here are fun and easy party ideas for kids’ milestone birthdays.

Disney's 'Frozen' - Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

null  27 March '16

‘Frozen’ Star Kristen Bell Reveals Her Kids Are Not Fans Of Princess Elsa And Anna

Kristen Bell disclosed in a recent interview that her kids might be the only children in America who are not utterly besotted with the “Frozen” movie.

2014 Global Citizen Festival In Central Park To End Extreme Poverty By 2030 - VIP Lounge

Toddler  27 March '16

Sesame Street's Elmo Educates Caribbean, Latin American Kids About Zika Virus

In two 30-second videos in English, Spanish and Portuguese, Sesame Street’s Elmo and Raya teach simple yet effective ways to ward off mosquitoes.


Parenting  27 March '16

Survey: Most Parents Are Proud Of Their Kids But Lots Of Kids Are Not Aware About It

A recent survey says that most parents are bursting with pride about their kids. However, many kids are not hearing or feeling it.

Overweight Mature Adult feeling faint

Health/Nutrition  26 March '16

Heart Attack Patients Are Getting Younger And More Obese Each Year, Study Finds

A new research from the Cleveland Clinic revealed that heart attacks are on the rise in the past 20 years, and patients are getting younger and fatter.

Curious boy trying to peek at phone

News  26 March '16

Children As Young As 7 Are ‘Sexting’ At School, Study Reveals

A teaching union has surveyed teachers and found that majority of them caught kids sharing sexual messages, pictures and videos while in school.


Toddler  25 March '16

First Children Perform Better At School Despite Poorer Health Than Younger Siblings, Study Finds

Researchers claimed that firstborns are less healthy. However, they tend to do better at school than their younger siblings.

Brussels Attacks

News  25 March '16

Brussels Attacks: British Mother Recalls Horror Of Deathly Airport Bombings

A mother, who was filmed lying curled on the floor while sheltering her daughter as bombs went off at Brussels airport, has recounted the horrifying incident.

A boy opens an apple juice at the Tesco store in west London

Health/Nutrition  25 March '16

Researchers Warn Parents: Pure Fruit Juices, Smoothies Contain Twice As Much Sugar As Other Fruit Drinks

Experts discovered that fruit juices and smoothies, marketed as healthy drinks to children and parents, contain levels of sugar that are alarmingly high.

Student Bullying

Parenting  25 March '16

School Bullying In America: 3 Things Every Parent Should Know

One in three U.S. students claimed that they have been bullied at school. Here are some important things that every parent should know to address school bullying.

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