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Prevent brain aging by eating more green leafy vegetables

Health/Nutrition  21 December '16

Want To Protect Your Brain From Aging? Eat Leafy Greens

It is possible to prevent brain aging by eating more green leafy vegetables and antioxidants, a recent study shows.

Judgement Given On NHS Restrictions On Alzheimer's Drugs

Mind  20 December '16

New Drug Found To Restore Memory Of Alzheimer's Patients And Give Them Long Life

This drug not only slows down memory loss, but even restores it.

CANNABIS STOPS Parkinson's Disease Symptoms

Medicine  19 December '16

Medical Marijuana Paves Way To Cure Parkinson's Disease

Research reveals that medical marijuana paves a way for the treatment of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

21 Science-Backed Ways To Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Mind  11 December '16

Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease By Changing Your Lifesyle According To Science

There are many science-backed, proven ways that can prevent Alzheimer's or slow its effects - from foods to activities to supplements.

4-Year Old Boy Diagnosed With Fatal Child Alzheimer's

Health  28 November '16

4-Year-Old Boy Diagnosed With Fatal Child Alzheimer's

On May 11, 2016, little Carter Sarkar of California was diagnosed with a fatal "Child Alzheimer's" disease, otherwise known as Sanfilippo Syndrome.

Wildfire Consumes Over 17,000 Acres North Of Los Angeles

Books  25 November '16

Alzheimer’s Disease Vs. True Love: ‘My Two Elaines’ Book Shows What A Man Can Do For A Wife With Alzheimer’s

Former Wisconsin Governor Martin Schreiber was inspired to write a book about his role and experience as a husband and a caregiver to his wife who is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. The book is titled “My Two Elaines.”

Walk to End Alzheimer's Los Angeles

Mind  22 November '16

How Lifestyle Changes Can Help Fight Alzheimer's Disease

Researchers are learning that it may be possible to prevent or delay the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease through a combination of healthy habits.

SAP Ernie Els Golf Day

SPED Kids  20 October '16

Autism News & Updates: Children With Autism’s Language & Communication Skills Improved By Folinic Acid?

A new study found that folinic acid can improve autistic kids' language and communication skills. Folinic acid is a reduced form of a B vitamin called folate, which is naturally found in foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, peas, and grains.

Activists Ptotest Crackdown On Medical Marijuana In San Francisco

Autism  30 September '16

Medical Marijuana As Autism Treatment? Texas Lawmakers Urged To Expand Cannabis Usage Beyond Intractable Epilepsy

Texas lawmakers are being urged to expand the Compassionate Use Act for other medical conditions such as autism. Medical marijuana involves using the whole unprocessed marijuana plant or its basic extracts to treat or manage a disease and its symptoms.

Elderly Homes As Catalunya Suspends Social Service Payments

Medicine  29 September '16

Hope For Alzheimer Patients: Memory Loss Due To Alzheimer’s Disease May Be Reversible

A group of researchers from University College London may have found a way to reverse memory loss due to Alzheimer's disease.

Aspects Of The Mediterranean Diet

Body  13 September '16

The Mediterranean Diet & Your Lifestyle Should Go Hand-In-Hand For A Full Range Of Benefits

The Mediterranean diet involves high consumption of vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, and lean sources of protein such as chicken, fish, and turkey. Olive oil, canola oil, avocado, and nuts serve as the sources of the Mediterranean diet's healthy fat.

Sydneysiders Flock To Fishmarkets At Christmas Time

Mind  12 September '16

Eat These Brain Foods To Boost Your Brainpower & Memory Function

Some foods purposefully boost brainpower and make people feel focused and clear-headed. A balanced lifestyle that involves ample amounts of exercise and sleep also benefits the brain.

London 2012 - Camden Market

Mind  10 September '16

Too Much Brain Activity Leads To Bigger Food Consumption

A busy brain requiring more food occurs even though no physical activity was done. Binge eating is typically unnoticed by people as they struggle to fulfill academic and work obligations and keep up with their social lives.

New 'Willy Wonka' Film In The Works; Gene Wilder Fans Upset

Dads  31 August '16

Gene Wilder Dead: Here's Why 'Willy Wonka' Star Kept Alzheimer's Battle A Secret From Kids Who Love The Character

The actor passed away at the age of 83 on Aug. 29 at his home in Connecticut.

Scenes Of India

Body  30 August '16

Traditional Indian Food Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease By 50%, Experts Claimed

Low Alzheimer's risk can be attained by consuming fruits, grains, vegetables like legumes, fish, and low-fat dairy products. An additional 50 percent reduction in Alzheimer's risk was observed in people who commit to diets with low meat consumption such as India's.

Aspects Of The Mediterranean Diet

Body  12 August '16

Wonders Of Mediterranean Food: Diet Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease, Slows Memory Loss & Wards Off Heart Disease

A Mediterranean diet involves high consumption of olive oil, vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains, while avoiding processed food and sugar. Following this diet means favoring lean sources of protein like chicken, turkey, and fish instead of red meat.

Dementia and Alzheimer's To Be Conquered Soon

Mind  28 July '16

Alzheimer’s Can Be Cured In The Future Through Drug Maintenance: Further Researches Are Expected

Alzheimer's disease is a tragic illness that frightens many Americans. It is scary to end up in the home of the elderly but it is more dreadful to end up remembering nothing even your own face.

150 Years German Red Cross: Senior Citizens Care

Health/Nutrition  26 July '16

Drastic Change Of Personality May Indicate Early Stage Of Dementia, Doctors Say

A new diagnosis has been developed by a group of researchers that will look at mood and behavioral changes of people to determine if they are at risk of developing dementia.

Pokemon Go Launches In The UK

ADHD  22 July '16

ADHD Treatment Update: Company Developing Video Game To Treat ADHD Raises More Money

Akili Interactive Labs has raised millions of funds as it continues to develop a video game to treat ADHD.

Cat Brings Therapy And Delight To The Elderly

Body  19 July '16

Medical Breakthrough: Treatment For Dementia Can Help Patients with Alzheimer's Disease

A group of scientist reveals that they can possibly slow down the development of dementia.

Elderly Homes As Catalunya Suspends Social Service Payments

Medicine  19 July '16

Alzheimer’s Disease News: Testing of Vaccine for The Disease Could Be Ready In A Few Years

Testing in humans for an Alzheimer's disease vaccine could just be years away.

Elderly Homes As Catalunya Suspends Social Service Payments

Health/Nutrition  14 July '16

Gene Linked To The Development of Alzheimer's Disease May Show Effects As Early As Childhood, Study Says

A new study shows that the e4 gene variant of APOE in children's brains triggers Alzheimer's disease effects as early as childhood. The children with e4 gene have poor memory and thinking skills.

Prime Minister David Cameron Announces Dementia Research Funding

Mind  14 July '16

Alzheimer’s Disease Latest News & Updates: How Retina Imaging Could Lead To The Potential Treatment Of Alzheimer’s Disease

University of Minnesota researchers have recently found a simple and inexpensive eye test that can help diagnose and treat Alzheimer’s disease. This inexpensive retina imaging test was made possible through the use of a machine vision camera’s spectral imaging system.

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